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LE7EL wishes to reward its loyal and active Discord members who perform quests such as playing minigames, participating in AMAs and liking/commenting/sharing our Twitter posts


  • 1. Make an account at le7el.com
  • 2. Sync your socials in “User settings” -> “Socials” so that we can recognize your wallet and Discord user
  • 3. Earn points by performing point-earning activities found in the #quests-announcement channel in our Discord server at discord.gg/le7el
  • 4. Claim $PXP every Tuesday

Each Tuesday at 7pm UTC, we take a snapshot of the top 10 leaderboard, and issue $PXP claimable on a 1:1 ratio to the points held at the time of the snapshot. The claimable $PXP expires after 1 week if not claimed.

Before you can start this quest, you need to complete the Sync socials quest, the Mint Identity quest and the Mint Avatar NFT quest.

A “Claim” button to claim $PXP for this quest will show when you have unclaimed rewards, each Tuesday.

Please note: $PXP is a non-transferable token used to level up your Avatar NFT, while $L7L is LE7EL’s utility token that will be transferable after TGE. The $L7L tokens are stored on your NFT as claims and the actual tokens are claimable to your wallet after TGE. The NFT with $L7L token claims can be traded on public marketplaces even before TGE. All NFTs and tokens are on the Polygon network, so make sure to have some MATIC on your wallet.