Explore Games & Metaverses,
Earn Crypto & NFTs

LE7EL empowers Players & Creators in the Metaverse

The Metaverse represents a financial & cultural reboot, where your level of success depends on your level of information, tools & connections

Whether you’re a Web3 Gamer, Virtual World Explorer or Creator, LE7EL helps you unleash your true potential in the Metaverse


LE7EL Play is a decentralized social network on GameFi rails


Get educated on the top Games & Metaverses


Get access to exclusive high-yielding quests


Keep track of your transactions, portfolio & NFTs across any EVM chain


Communicate privately & securely with your friends using your on-chain username

Enter LE7EL Nation

LE7EL Nation for Players is a community oriented around an Avatar NFT which allows you to own, govern and grow your own on-chain Metaverse reputation


Mint your own Avatar NFT

Level up

Level up your NFT by performing fun quests

Reap the rewards

The higher your level, the more rewards you’ll reap across our ecosystem


Get access to an exclusive network of fellow Gamers that want to have fun and succeed in the Metaverse

Ready to level up?

Explore Games & Metaverses,
Earn Crypto & NFTs